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The Essence

A Guided Journey of Discovery
Through the Bible
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about the essence

The Bible is the greatest book ever written, and it’s more than just a book—it’s the very Word of God. It unveils the unfolding story of God’s ultimate plan to restore mankind’s relationship with Him. The answers to life’s deepest questions are found within its pages. It reveals who we are, why we are here, who God is, and how we can know Him.


However, for many people, the great riches of the Bible remain undiscovered and its exquisite beauty, unseen. The relevance of the peculiar accounts of ancient people in faraway lands seems just too obscure, yet their thirst for God remains.


If you are one of these people, then this book is for you.

The Essence will take you on a personal, guided journey of discovery through some of the most essential passages of Scripture. The significance of each will be revealed, and you will begin to understand how everything fits together. You will see Jesus as the Offspring of the woman, the Passover Lamb, the Bread from heaven, the Water from the rock, the Abandoned One, the Shepherd’s Shepherd, the Suffering Servant, the virgin’s Son, and so much more. In the end, you will hopefully come to know and love both God and His Word much more deeply.

Author bio

John Pasquet grew up in a strong Christian home and was deeply impacted by the Navigator ministry in college. He developed his heart for the world when he served as a missionary for two years in Ukraine with Campus Crusade.


For over a decade now he has been actively involved in ministry to international students and scholars at Mizzou, many of whom have never read the Bible before. One of his greatest joys is opening the Scriptures and helping them understand God’s message.

John also enjoys playing the piano and guitar, singing and amateur woodworking.

My Books

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To Adam, Seth, Clark, Sam, Aaron, Bo, Wesley, Mike, Carrie, Papri, and
everyone else in my life with whom I have ever read the Bible or talked about Jesus,
. . . and to you, the reader.


This book is really the culmination of a lifetime of learning, and I have been truly blessed in the places I have had to learn. My parents have long been faithful Christians. My dad has been a
student of the Word since college, so I grew up learning about God and His Word from infancy. My mom has spent a lifetime praying for me, so much so that I actually might hold the record for most prayers offered for one person all-time. For this I am eternally grateful.


My brother Hank has also been a faithful friend and companion to me for my entire life.


In college, the influences of Larry Glabe and Mike Jordahl were immeasurable. That is where my faith became my own, and I truly learned to study the Scriptures for myself. I also found a wonderful church during my college years where I could really learn the Scriptures. My pastor, Michael Burt, became a lifelong mentor and friend. I cannot measure how much I have learned
from him. 


For the past decade or more, I have also had the immense privilege of reading the Bible with people from around the world as part of a ministry led by Craig and Shirley Colbert. I can’t thank them enough for letting me come alongside them.

As a computer science major in college, I had never written much of anything aside from a high school term paper in Mr. Francis’s English class. As such, writing a book seemed to be an insurmountable task that I put off for many years.


I am very grateful for those who critiqued the earlier versions and gave input and encouragement. These people include Mom, Dad, Hank, Mathew Vroman, Ann Russell, Garlett Avery, Pam Martin, Jason Gentry, Mike Whitely, Dr. Terri Woods, and Robert and Linda Murdock.


I am also truly grateful to Bart Dahmer, Rachael Carrington, Yvonne Parks, and Innovo Publishing for partnering with me in this project.

Most of all, I am eternally grateful to Jesus Christ for His salvation.

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