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Missing from the Book - Day 6

No matter how much editing you do, there is always things you want to change after it's published. Perhaps it's just saying something a little different or adding one comment here or there. But there's always something.

I have the privilege now of having a woman from China currently reading the book. For the past few weeks, she has approached me after church and asked me to sit down to discuss several things. It has been a true delight, but it also gives rise to other things I would want to change.

One of those came from a question she asked about the two creation accounts. In the book, I explain that what Genesis 1 describes in general, Genesis 2 explains in detail. However, that didn't quite make it clear enough for her, so I thought for a moment and then explained it this way.

Genesis 1 (and the first few verses in chapter 2) is the account of the 6 days of creation and the 7th day of rest. Chapter 2 circles back to Day 6 to provide additional detail.

So, it's not that different, but I thought it made a bit more sense.

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